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Tips for Interviewing Doctors – Using Authentic Videos to Strengthen the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Our recent experience producing video interviews for a wide range of professional service providers shows, first of all, that authentic marketing is the key. It is important to recognize that authentic video marketing is significantly different (and more effective) than traditional, commercial video advertising — especially when interviewing doctors, nurses and healthcare specialists. This essentially means editing out any segments that appear to be overly staged, contrived, practiced, unnatural and exaggerated. Similarly, it makes no sense to add background music, special effects, extensive voice-over narration and animations that distract from the authenticity and reality of the interview.

Keep in mind that the primary objective, in most cases, is to capture sincere and understandable answers to top-of-mind questions that a patient might want to ask of his or her doctor and other healthcare service providers. After all, these are the professionals entrusted with making decisions about a person’s future health, medical procedures and treatments, recovery, medical bills and general well-being! The next objective is then to get the message out so it is actually seen and heard by the “target audience” – the current and future patients visiting the hospital, medical center or doctor’s office. Current patients need assurances that they’re getting the best possible medical care; prospective patients may be asking some of the same questions as they evaluate the alternatives. In both cases the interview video needs to be sufficiently interesting, relevant and entertaining to keep the viewer’s attention.

Getting the targeted viewers (or “eyeballs”) is the topic of a separate article in this series that covers search engine optimization (“SEO”) and other relevant video marketing strategies for health care professionals. An important prerequisite, however, is ensuring that the video content is appropriate and effective.

Here’s a short preparation checklist to ensure effective video interviews:

  • pick a working title and subtitle
  • write a preliminary description
  • identify the target audience and relevant keywords
  • prepare relevant and interesting questions based on the interview objectives
  • outline and discuss the most appropriate answers and calls-to-action.

Following the shoot, the video material must be edited and reduced to produce the final product:

  • combine multiple audio and video channels into a single project
  • delete unusable segments and pauses; add transitions
  • finalize the title with an engaging subtitle
  • finalize a short description
  • finalize the keywords
  • choose a thumbnail image to spark curiosity
  • review and score the questions and responses based on how well they meet the interview objectives
  • split into multiple videos if appropriate; restructure and re-sequence as necessary
  • record voice-over questions and narrative as appropriate
  • add the credit trailer, copyright/watermark and call-to-action links
  • publish as appropriate on websites, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, CCTV and other media
  • add search engine optimization and other elements of an effective video marketing strategy.

Specifically for medical professionals (primary care physicians, specialists, surgeons, psychologists, chiropractors, nurses, you name it), we have highlighted six aspects that need special attention to ensure that video interviews achieve their maximum potential:

Reputation – Relevant professional recognitions, special awards and achievements should be highlighted through one or more leading questions since it is important for the patient to understand that the interviewed medical professional is the best of the best. Educational background information and hospitals where residency requirements were completed may also be relevant to emphasize exceptional professional qualifications.

Trust – Building personal trust is perhaps the most subjective and most significant factor that influences whether a prospective patient “likes” the doctor. In addition to projecting a friendly and caring demeanor through facial expressions, appearance and word choice, it is also important to convey messages such as working closely with patients to determine the best way to help them and listening carefully to help patients make the right health care decisions.

Professional Preferences – A video interview obviously provides a public platform for a doctor to express his or her personal opinions, preferences and philosophies about quality of life and healthcare issues. The objective would typically be to establish the basis for an authentic and sincere discussion in addition to attracting patients who agree and share the same beliefs and convictions. For example, a doctor may wish to talk about his areas of specialization and preferences concerning prescriptions, lab tests, referrals, disease treatment, wellness, prevention, new treatments, new medicines, etc. Lead questions can then be formulated to give the doctor the opportunity to include this information in his answers.

Goals – Patients are always interested in hearing what the personal motivation was to study to become a doctor, the personal and professional goals and milestones achieved so far, and future goals. For example, what is the personal motivation behind involvement in specific research or working with patients with specific medical conditions?

Nursing Staff and Office Staff – Where possible, it is often valuable to include the nursing or office staff in the video interview to show that they are friendly, helpful and eager to answer practical questions about office hours, the average waiting time, returning calls promptly, emailing, telephone consultations and after-hours care.

Colleague & Patient Testimonials – Since medical professionals often rely heavily on referrals to attract new patients, it may be valuable to include one or more colleague referrals and testimonial clips as part of an interview video. Healthcare success stories with before-and-after images are useful, provided that HIPAA privacy rules are followed and any necessary consent forms are signed. Including approved interview videos on websites and social networking sites (Facebook pages, YouTube channels, LinkedIn, etc.) facilitates sharing and word-of-mouth recommendations.

OK – so now you’ve recorded a great interview with optimal content and need to get it “published” where your target audience will see it on your website, YouTube channel, CCTV and elsewhere. Tip: if you still need help with recording and editing your video interviews, then you may want to consider outsourcing and employing the services of a video marketing specialist (local or remote) together with Google Hangouts, GoToWebinar or a similar videoconferencing platform. Videoconference interviewing, when done properly, can be used to produce high-quality results from multiple locations at a significantly lower cost… optionally using an iPhone, iPad or smartphone with a high-definition (HD) camera. Read the other articles in this series to learn more about videoconference interviewing, publishing your interview videos and using social media to achieve results.

5 Practical Tips for Lifelong Financial Sustainability

Sustainability is usually a term about environmental issues. Lately it’s become more of a personal finance term as well. That’s because financial decisions need to be sustained over the long term. To sustain you and your family over time, Financial Sustainability means planning and flexibility. Having Plans B, C and D is a necessity.

Here are a few tips for those who want to see their money stay around as long as they do.

Save Before You Invest

It’s a good idea to secure at least nine months of living expenses saved before even thinking about investing. As you plan your savings strategy, make sure you contribute enough to your retirement funds, particularly if your employer still offers a 401(k) match. Once you have your emergency fund, keep on saving. A good goal is to put aside at least 10 percent of your earnings each month (or as you can afford it). By retirement, you’ll have a nice chunk of money to nest in.

Keep Credit History Good

Being a habitual bill payer signals to banks and issuers that you are a risk worth taking. Paying credit cards or mortgages late will lead to negative consequences that damage your credit score and overall credit health. Banks and issuers consider payment history when evaluating your credit risk. A long-standing history of on-time payments suggests you are responsible and reliable borrower; a poor history suggests you many not repay debts and could result in a costly loss. Remember that a credit report is like an adult report card.

Spend for Retirement

A simple trick for saving: spend less than you earn. That might not be easy if you are already having trouble keeping up with bills. A spending plan would take care of that. Some people call this a budget, but since we’re referring to retirement as something to buy, a spending plan is more appropriate. Think of a budget not as a means to the end of buying a 60-inch television but a budget that will sustain over decades that will put you out ahead financially once you’re deep into retirement.

Savings Plans Are Still Good If You Can Get Them

If your company still offers a traditional retirement plan like a 401 (k) plan, it’s a good idea to put in your money up to the point where the company stops matching your contribution. Even if the funds within the 401 (k) don’t make great gains some years, at least you know you have the company match that doubled your contribution. A fairly high interest rate will come out of that. You might not have doubled your money by the time you are allowed to take it out, but it’s going to be a lot higher than what you could make on any other investment.

Make the Most of Income Sources Other than Savings

Choices of when to start taking Social Security can cut your retirement income by 25 percent or boost it by an additional 32 percent. Married couples can use strategies like claiming spousal benefits to increase income substantially. Factor in maintenance expense if your income comes in the form of rental properties. There’s a tremendous amount of benefit that some smart planning can do for you that will help over the long haul.

The Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated For Exercise

The majority of people have a hard time staying motivated to exercise, and with our busy lives today it’s not surprising. These tips for staying motivated to exercise will not only help you exercise more often, but they’ll make you actually want to exercise more.

The key to staying in shape is staying motivated and exercising regularly, so follow these tips and within weeks you’ll notice yourself losing weight easier than ever before.

1. Find A Workout Buddy – This is possibly the best tip you could get when it comes to getting motivated to exercise. By having a workout buddy, it’s hard to say no to exercising because you’ll feel as if you let the other person down. You’ll also motivate each other more while at the gym, letting you have a better workout each day. The only problem with this is finding someone who will be reliable, so choose carefully!

2. Mix It Up – Doing the same workout over and over can be incredibly boring. If you go to the gym 5 times per week, try to do at least 2 different workouts. For example, lift weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then take a jog on Tuesday and Thursday. It also helps to mix it up monthly as well. Do one exercise routine this month, then change it to something else next month. It’s a very simple concept but can help tremendously with boredom.

3. Do Something Fun – Out of the many health and fitness tips out there for staying motivated, this is one of my favorites. Instead of being stuck by traditional wisdom that says you “need” to go to the gym – try doing something else. This can be rollerblading, yard work at a very fast pace, skiing or snowboarding, or any variety of other ways to exercise. It’s also a great idea to change the way you’re exercising. For example, instead of doing pull-ups – trying climbing a rope. Instead of bench pressing, do some regular old pushups or even some clapping pushups. Don’t feel the necessity to do what others are doing. Do what you like to do, not what others want you to do!

4. Take a Class – Most gyms have classes that allow you to do things such as step aerobics, spinning classes, or even a mix between salsa dancing and exercising. These classes can be a great way to burn tons of calories (a typical kickboxing class can burn up to 800 calories in a single class – according to a kickboxing instructor in my hometown) and a great way to network and meet new people. These new people might even become your new workout buddies. These classes can sometimes get a little expensive, so I recommend taking one whenever you feel burnt out and unmotivated.

5. Buy Some Exercise Equipment – If you aren’t a self motivated person, it helps to have the equipment right in front of your face. Many tips for staying motivated for exercise will say that you should buy some equipment and put it in your house. I recommend a Schwinn 203 Recumbent Exercise Bike for your own personal use. These are great for unmotivated people because you can watch TV while riding it. They don’t take up much space, are relatively cheap to buy, and offer great quality and a lot of fun.

One of the most important health and fitness tips you can get for becoming more motivated is to simply do something different. Follow the advice in this article and you’ll be back on track in no time.

Remember, the most important aspect of being in shape is that you stick with a routine consistently. It’s fine to miss a day or 2 once in awhile, but consistency is what will eventually help you lose the weight you want to lose and stay at that level forever.